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See the name changed to a professional looking one. The present name is awkward, to say the least.

P.a.basheer , 21.09.2012, 08:13
Idea status: under consideration


dennisV, 21.09.2012, 09:48
I like KooRaRoo, but I am biased of course :) What's a "professional" name?
BuBBy, 21.09.2012, 10:48
"Media Stream Server Gold Professional"... something unique... ;)
Adam Murphy, 21.09.2012, 15:48
"Media Stream Server Gold Professional"? That is not a good "professional" name. That's basically a product description which makes it a generic name. Or in "New England states" a 'No Frills' name.

KooRaRoo is ok. It took a sec to realize how to say it, and its a lil long, but Def shorter than "Media Stream Server Gold Professional"? But its not great n it sounds like u just reversed n reworked Roku (RoKoo, RooKoo, kooroo, KooRaRoo). See?

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